Raspberry Crescent Rolls #easy #dessert

Raspberry Crescent Rolls #easy #dessert

Raspberry Crescent Rolls: a tasty sweet treat that rushes to plan and uses pre-made bow rolls and flavorful raspberry jam.

I adore any sort of treat that is based on raspberries and this my companions is such a basic and delectable formula! These raspberry bow rolls just require a couple of fixings which makes it an incredible formula for gatherings or on the grounds that you are longing for something sweet. You will just need bow moves, jam/jam (we cherish raspberry) and on the off chance that you choose to include a coating, some milk and confectioners sugar.

You just need a couple of family unit staples to prepare this pastry and one is a pre-made bow move which makes this sweet met up so rapidly!

Raspberry Crescent Rolls #easy #dessert #pastry #baking #rolls


  • 1 can Pre-made Crescent Rolls
  • 1/2 cup Raspberry Jelly/Preserves
  • Milk , for glaze
  • Confectioners sugar , for glaze


  1. First you will need to open the crescent rolls and add some of your favorite jelly.
  2. Roll the crescent rolls up as usual and bake as directed on the can.  You can of course use a homemade crescent roll recipe but we use the pre-made crescent rolls when we are in a pinch or just want a quick dessert!
  3.  Once the crescent rolls are baked and slightly cooled, we like to drizzle a glaze on top. We simply mix some milk with confectioners sugar until we reach our desired consistency.  I think a peach jelly with some diced peaches would be another delicious option!  Let me know what other flavors your family loves. 

For more detail : bit.ly/2VD8iUa

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