This red Halloween drink might be unnerving to take a gander at, however with a shot Whiskey, it goes down simple. Our Blood Clot Shots will be an ideal counterpart for your Halloween party, giving it a definitive Halloween drink to attempt this year!

Halloween is one of my unequaled top pick not so much an occasion occasions. It's simply fun. We don't take the entirety of the insane imagery to heart. We're simply getting a charge out of it for amusement only. That's it, not much. As a child, I delighted in the rush of sprucing up in startling or hero customs and geeking on the way that I got the chance to go through a night gathering sweets. Would you be able to state kid paradise?

In any case, it was something beyond the stunt or treat excursion on Halloween night. It was the development! I enriched grade-school study halls in cut-out pumpkins, multi-hued corn cobs, demons and witches with dark felines. It was happy and more fun than a truckload of good times. Furthermore, since I am recollecting it, I need my childhood back! Apologies, wistfulness can be a loathsome thing now and again, no?

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  • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire Whiskey
  • Hard Apple Cider (we suggest J.K.’s Cuvée Organic Hard Cider)
  • Marshmallows
  • Red Food Coloring
  • Band-Aids
  • Special Equipment:
  • Chef's Butane Torch


  1. The directions are really easy to follow, especially if you aren't going for the pint of chicken blood, 'cause catching a terrified yard bird isn't as easy as it sounds. Trust.
  2. Take a long white serving platter like the one in the above photo and add several crumpled up Band-Aids.
  3. Now, drip red food coloring all over the serving platter, make small puddles of garish, you can even add drops of table syrup to the edges of the puddles to give them an old coagulated blood look we all love.
  4. Line up your shot glasses on the platter and pour 1.ounce of Jack Daniel's Fire Whiskey, (ad more depending on how big your shot glasses are).
  5. Pour 1 ounce of J.K.’s Cuvée Organic Hard Cider
  6. Next add drops of red food coloring to give the tequila that "is this really blood" look. Looks good, you'll have the vampires salivating!
  7. Carefully add 3 to 4 mini marshmallows or a single regular size marshmallow into each shot glass.
  8. Now comes the fun part. Using the chef's butane torch caramelize the marshmallows. Be careful not to set the booze aflame. You may want to stick the marshmallows on the end of a fork and char them instead of risking a fiery tequila marshmallow inferno. Maybe next time.
  9. Serve to all the cool ghost, goblins and sexy nurses attending your next Halloween Par-Tay.
  10. Enjoy.

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