Cassie's Comforting Chicken & Noodles #noodles #chicken #healthydinner #lunch #food

Cassie's Comforting Chicken & Noodles #noodles #chicken #healthydinner #lunch #food

This is a mind boggling Crock Pot supper. In addition to the fact that it is generous, rich and delectable, but at the same time it's so natural to get ready. Cooking the chicken low and slow for a few hours makes it delicate and delightful.

The noodles assume the kind of the chicken and the velvety soup to make the entire pot powerful. Indeed, even your pickiest eater will clean their plate. This is soon to turn into another family top pick!

Cassie's Comforting Chicken & Noodles #noodles #chicken #healthydinner #lunch #food

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Ingredients :

  • 1 pkg frozen egg noodles, 24 ounce
  • 2 can(s) cream of chicken soup, 14.7 oz each; sometimes I use 1 can chicken and 1 can cream of celery
  • 1 stick (1/2) cup butter - cut into pieces
  • 1 can(s) chicken broth, 32 oz; may want extra to thin out if too thick. The frozen noodles thicken the broth.
  • mixed vegetables, optional; I didn't use this time
  • 1 tsp Better Than Bullion, optional; I add for a richer chicken flavor
  • 6 small boneless, skinless chicken breasts or 4 large
  • salt & pepper, to taste; can add some parsley too if desired

Instructions :

  1. Salt & pepper chicken breasts.
  2. Place in the bottom of Crock Pot.
  3. Spoon soup over the chicken.
  4. Cut butter into several pats and place pieces evenly over soup.
  5. Whisk the bouillon with the broth.
  6. Pour over soup.
  7. Place lid on the Crock Pot and turn to low. Cook for 6 hours.
  8. Remove chicken and tear into pieces.

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