ORANGE CREAMSICLE COCKTAIL #drinks #holidaydrink

ORANGE CREAMSICLE COCKTAIL #drinks #holidaydrink

This mixed drink wakes up with just vanilla vodka, orange pop, and Reddi-Wip. Also, that is simply excessively simple, amirite? The orange and vanilla flavors go far in making the great creamsicle season, yet the genuine reward (as I would see it, in any case!) is the whipped cream.

The pop and the liquor respond with the cream, making a lot of additional foam that preferences shockingly better when blended back in the beverage. It certainly includes somewhat fun and kick to this grown-up wind on a youth taste.

The fall-themed orange tint likewise implies this creamsicle drink will be the ideal group satisfying refreshment all through the remainder of the Christmas season (and most likely throughout the spring and summer, as well!)

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ORANGE CREAMSICLE COCKTAIL #drinks #holidaydrink


  • 1 part vanilla vodka cold
  • 6 part orange soda
  • Reddi Wip
  • orange sugar sprinkles optional


  1. If desired, fill a large glass with ice (but ice is not required.)
  2. Pour orange soda in glass, then add vanilla vodka. Spray whipped cream on top and decorate with orange sugar sprinkles.
  3. Serve immediately.

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