CARAMEL BUTTERCREAM #desserts #cream

CARAMEL BUTTERCREAM #desserts #cream

Simple to make scrumptious caramel buttercream in only a couple of moments. Ideal for garnish cupcakes, layer cakes or uncommon festival cakes.

In the event that you're in any way similar to me, at that point you won't have the option to adhere to totally solid goals. I've really been great so far this year yet I'm the kind of individual that requirements to have the periodic treat. I'd genuinely suggest this buttercream over your preferred cupcakes in case you're needing one.

I have really shared this formula before as the garnish of my moguls' cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes with a concealed caramel and shortbread focus, bested with caramel buttercream and sprinkled with some additional shortbread). In any case, I concluded that it merited a post in its own privilege with the goal that it's extremely simple for all of you to discover when you need it.

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CARAMEL BUTTERCREAM #desserts #cream


  • 150 g butter - soft at room temperature
  • 150 g icing sugar
  • 150 g caramel sauce - you can use ready made or make your own using my recipe – you’ll need 1 batch.


  1. Cut the butter (150g) into cubes and then beat it (by hand or with an electric mixer on a low speed) until soft.
  2. Beat in the icing sugar (150g) (I do this a tablespoon at a time to avoid it flying everywhere and covering my kitchen).
  3. Once the butter and icing sugar are fully combined, beat in the caramel sauce (150g).

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