VAMPIRE’S KISS COCKTAIL #mixeddrink #halloweenparty

VAMPIRE’S KISS COCKTAIL #mixeddrink #halloweenparty

Heavenly moly! That is one stunning looking mixed drink. This is only the thing to serve at our Halloween party. It's in any event, steaming. So cool!

A creepy adaptation of a well known Spanish mixed drink, Kalimotxo, that blends wine and cola.

In the event that you have children, come Halloween, you'll be encompassed by a wide range of plastic kitsch and enticed by treats that are so sweet they ought to be viewed as harmful. So enter our Vampire's Kiss Cocktail. Our Halloween grown-up beverage with simply enough red wine to get you during that time is still fittingly beautified to give you a chance to share in the celebrations, as well.

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VAMPIRE’S KISS COCKTAIL #mixeddrink #halloweenparty


  • .5 cup red wine cheap is fine
  • .5 cup cola chilled
  • sprinkle gold lustre dust
  • 2 cubes dry ice
  • gold leaf optional


  1. In a serving glass, mix together the red wine and cola.
  2. Using a small fork or spoon, scoop just a bit of the lustre dust and mix into the drink. Don't use your fingers because the dust will stick. 
  3. Right before serving drop in the dry ice.
  4. OPTIONAL - you can decorate the glass with strips of gold leaf. Use a thin makeup brush to apply to a dry clean glass. You can also shred little bits of gold leaf into the drink. Pure gold leaf is ok for consumption. But don't go crazy with it.

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