Kid-Friendly Halloween Vampire Drink #holidayrecipes #partydrinks

Kid-Friendly Halloween Vampire Drink #holidayrecipes #partydrinks

This Vampire Drink is one of the best time drinks, ever. It's child neighborly and ideal for Halloween. Make Vampire Drinks for the children, teenagers and the grown-ups in your life this Halloween. Vampire beverages are the ideal beverage for your Halloween Party. Enter and I'll demonstrate to you how I make these Spooky, Fun Halloween Drinks…

I'm disclosing to you the children went insane over this beverage. It's not simply cool looking, it's great, as well! It may be kid-accommodating, however it's delectable enough for the grown-ups to delve in! Only 2 yummy fixings, creepy looking, and fun, fun, fun!

The beverage is fun and tastes great, however I battled with making it simpler to plan early. The beverage is simple enough for an enjoyment at home drink. In the event that you are going to utilize this thought at gatherings, you can't circumvent squirting red Kool-Aid into everybody's beverage.

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Kid-Friendly Halloween Vampire Drink #holidayrecipes #partydrinks

Here’s What You’ll Need for a Kid-Friendly Vampire Drink Idea.

  • This makes 1 dozen (16 oz.) drinks 
  • 2 Liters of Clear Lemon Lime Flavored Soda, such as Sprite
  • *Sprite is definitely my preferred soda. I’ve tried it with others, and the taste just wasn’t the same
  • Cherry Kool-Aid liquid (the concentrated stuff) – they sell little squeeze bottles of Kool-Aid
  • Medicine Syringes – (Viles for blood) 
  • Ice Cubes – lots – enough to pack each glass or cup
  • cups or glasses that are clear to see the Vampire drinks in their full glory

Instructions :

  1. Squeeze some of the concentrated Kool-Aid into a bowl
  2. Fill medicine syringes – each with about 2 ml. of Kool-Aid
  3. Pour soda into individual glasses that are full of  ice
  4. Place fangs on top of the ice, or drape them over the side of the cup
  5. Give out viles of Kool-Aid concentrate – 1 per glass of soda filled with 2 ml. of kool-aid
  6. The kids shouldn’t squeeze the viles of Kool-Aid into their drinks, they should just stick the syringe of Kool-Aid into the drink and watch as the Kool-Aid makes it’s way down through the crevices of the stacked ice giving a very bloody effect

*Eventually, after seeing your cool drink transform before your eyes, most of the Kool-Aid will spread throughout the soda and the soda will take on a layered look. Amazingly, some of the soda will still stay separated from the Kool-Aid. The top half will probably turn a blush color, then red, then clear. The drink starts to combine as you move it around.  If you let the drink sit, it will happen more gradually. I timed my drink that was sitting on the counter,  for about 1/2 hour and it was still not mixed entirely. That cool definition was still there. The Kool-Aid and soda mixed together tastes delicious  – kind of like a Shirley Temple.

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