How to Bake Easy (and Addictive) Cinnamon Sugar Chips #desserts #sweets

How to Bake Easy (and Addictive) Cinnamon Sugar Chips #desserts #sweets

When was the last time you purchased crisp cinnamon for your flavor pantry? I'm from the camp that doesn't supplant my flavors until the container is vacant. Regardless of whether it's been years. A great deal of years. My better half and I were at Costco half a month back, and despite the fact that my (multi year old!?) cinnamon holder isn't unfilled, we purchased crisp cinnamon spontaneously.

Heavenly blast of flavor in my mouth! I had no clue cinnamon could taste so great?! I was beginning to figure I didn't care for cinnamon, however things being what they are, I don't care for multi year old cinnamon. Try not to shake your head at me. I had no clue it could have such an effect?!

The house smelled stunning when these were in the stove. As a matter of fact, the house still smelled astonishing hours after they were finished heating. I was perched on the couch sitting in front of the TV after the children were sleeping, and I could at present smell the cinnamon. Truly, on the off chance that you haven't purchased crisp cinnamon in a couple of years – YOU SHOULD! ??

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How to Bake Easy (and Addictive) Cinnamon Sugar Chips #desserts #sweets


  • 4 Tablespoons sugar
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 3 Tablespoons butter (melted)
  • 3 flour torillas

1. Preheat the oven to 350F.
2. Cut the flour tortillas into shapes using a cookie cutter.
3. Brush both sides of the tortilla with melted butter. (The more butter the better!)
4. Mix the sugar and the cinnamon together in a small bowl.
5. Pour the cinnamon sugar mixture onto a plate.
6. Press both sides of the tortilla shapes into the cinnamon sugar mixture to coat them. Set the shapes on a
parchment lined baking sheet.
7. Bake the cinnamon sugar chips at 350F for 10 to 12 minutes or until they are golden and crispy.
8. Enjoy!

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