Ambrosia Salad #desserts #fresh

Ambrosia Salad #desserts #fresh

This Southern staple has been an exemplary in my home for whatever length of time that I can recollect. Apples, oranges, pineapples and grapes all hurled together in whipped besting and destroyed coconut. It is so heavenly! 🙂

I grew up eating this natural product serving of mixed greens at each occasion feast, and obviously the fourth of July! I generally anticipated the Ambrosia serving of mixed greens. It makes any occasion plate additional unique.

This southern staple is an unquestionable requirement make at all occasion parties!

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Ambrosia Salad #desserts #fresh


  • 1 (20 oz.) can pineapple chunks, drained
  • 1 (11 oz.) can mandarin oranges, drained
  • ½ cup maraschino cherries, drained and rinsed
  • 1 cup green seedless grapes, sliced in half
  • 1 small red apple, cut in chunks
  • 1 cup miniature marshmallows
  • 1 cup sweetened flaked coconut
  • ¼ cup vanilla yogurt
  • 1 (8 oz.) container cool whip (whipped topping)


  1. In a large bowl, combine pineapple, mandarin oranges, cherries, grapes, apples, marshmallows and coconut. Add yogurt and whipped topping to bowl. Using a spatula fold mixture together gently until all combined.
  2. Cover and chill in refrigerator 2 to 4 hours before serving.

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