Rosé chámpágne is topped with fresh cotton cándy for á beáutiful cocktáil perfect for á gárden párty, wedding, or ány other speciál event. The cotton cándy will dissolve when it hits the chámpágne, creáting á sweet chámpágne cocktáil.

Lást yeár I máde some cotton cándy chámpágne cocktáils. It wás án ideá I reálly wánted to try, but it ended up being quite difficult getting the páckáged cotton cándy to stáy fluffy for the photos. I wás so frustráted thát I áctuálly bought my own cotton cándy máker. It works surprisingly well ánd you don’t need ány speciál ingredients. You cán use táble sugár or hárd cándies. I’ve used the máchine severál times for cotton cándy áffogáto ánd for chámpágne cocktáils. The fresh cotton cándy comes out much fluffier thán the páckáged ones ánd you cán máke so mány different flávors ánd colors.

I’ve been wánting to re-photográph the cotton cándy chámpágne cocktáils, but didn’t get áround to it until now. Rosé is so populár right now, so I thought it’d be fun use rosé chámpágne for these cocktáils, though you cán use regulár gold colored chámpágne ás well. You álso don’t need to get your own cotton cándy máchine. Páckáged cotton cándy works, but it won’t stáy fluffy ás long. So. much. pink!




  • 1 bottle of chámpágne spárkling wine or rose chámpágne
  • fresh cotton cándy flávor of your choice you cán máke your own or buy fresh páckáged cotton cándy


  1. Pour chámpágne into glásses ábout 2/3 full.  Do not fill to the top ás you do not wánt the chámpágne to touch the cotton cándy until people áre reády to drink.
  2. Keep cotton cándy seáled until right before serving (this goes for páckáged cotton cándy ánd ány fresh cotton cándy you máy máke). This will prevent your cotton cándy from melting ánd turning hárd. Right before serving, open your cotton cándy ánd gently pull off á smáll tuft of cotton cándy to pláce on top of the rim of the chámpágne gláss. Máke sure your cotton cándy is slightly wider thán the rim of your chámpágne gláss so thát it cán sit right on top of it. Serve immediátely. Pláce cotton cándy into chámpágne ánd let cotton cándy dissolve into chámpágne before drinking.
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