Honey Strawberry Lemonade

Honey Strawberry Lemonade

he funny aspect approximately me, is that I constantly need to be ingesting something. I’ve been doing pretty a few S’Mores Iced Coffees these days. most of the time it’s ice water out of my camelbak (critically I ♡ those things), but from time to time I lose interest and want some thing a liiiitle extra interesting more my tastebuds.

That’s where this honey strawberry lemonade is available in. some days ago, i used to be bored of my water and had a hankering for a few lemonade. regularly, lemonade may be so sugary it makes my enamel harm… literally, so I decided to ditch the shop bought, sugar encumbered lemonade, and make my personal, the usage of honey because the only sweetener!

let me let you know… I suppose I’m in love with honey sweetened lemonade. It adds more taste and the honey is going perfectly with the tart lemons and strawberries.
I knew that I desired to make a easy syrup for this honey strawberry lemonade. I wasn’t certain if honey could be too sticky to fully include into the drink and i desired the strawberry taste, but I didn’t need chunks of strawberry floating around, and i used to be some distance too lazy to make a strawberry puree.

Honey Strawberry Lemonade

Honey Strawberry Simple Syrup - makes enough for 2 pitchers:
  • 1 cup  Sliced strawberries about 5 oz
  • 1 cup  water
  • 1 cup  honey
Honey Strawberry Lemonade - 1 pitcher:
  • 4 cups  water
  • 3/4 cups  honey strawberry simple syrup
  • 3/4 cup  freshly squeezed lemon juice
Honey Strawberry simple Syrup:
  1. In a medium sized sauce pan, combine honey and water. region over medium warmth and stir until the the honey has melted into the water - this will take a couple minutes.
  2. increase the heat to medium high, stir in strawberries and bring to a simmer.
  3. as soon as it starts offevolved simmering, hold it at a simmer for three-4 minutes or till the strawberries have began to break down.
  4. you could need to modify your heat up/all the way down to maintain a simmer.
  5. cautiously stress the strawberry mixture through a fine mesh strainer and permit cool to room temperature. Use straight away or save within the refrigerator for up to a week in a closed container.

Honey Strawberry Lemonade:
  1. In a massive pitcher, blend together lemon juice, water, and half of of the easy syrup (three/4 cups)!
  2. relax until prepared to use.
  3. Serve over ice!

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