English Breakfast Recipe

English Breakfast Recipe

We get quite a few visits from our American, Canadian and Australian cousins who frequently ask us how to make a right English breakfast and approximately the right elements, so we created this full English breakfast recipe only for you, we British in all likelihood already understand a way to make it.

English Breakfast Recipe


  • 1 Tomato
  • 4 Pork Sausages
  • 6 Strips Of Back Bacon
  • 4 Eggs
  • 2 Cups Of Mushrooms
  • 1 Can Of Baked Beans
  • 200g Of Black Pudding
  • Fresh Orange Juice
  • 6 Pieces Of Sliced Bread
  • Selection Of Newspapers
  • Tea or Coffee


  1. the first aspect to do is grill your Beaverbrook, so as to take the longest and grilling it under 2 hundred tiers, turning it on occasion will ensure it chefs frivolously on both facets. reduce notches inside the fat so it doesn't curl up when it cooks, making it more hard to crisp up the fats.
  2. subsequent you need to start frying your bread. Fried bread is one of the English breakfasts dirty little pleasures because its so greasy, but fried bread is tremendous with a fried egg on pinnacle and makes your breakfast deliciously crunchy. Fry two slices and put them on a plate to live heat near the grill.
  3. once your fried bread is completed, now start frying your tomatoes and mushrooms. They simplest need to be gently fried before being put on the new plate with your fried bread to anticipate breakfast meeting.
  4. Now begin cooking your sausages and black pudding, you may fry them within the identical pan and they need to be fried lightly and nicely to make certain they may be each cooked inside and out.
  5. earlier than your sausages are performed cooking, positioned the opposite  portions of bread in the toaster or under the grill. when they are toasted, positioned them at the hotplate with the opposite ready elements.
  6. when you put your toast in is a great time to begin cooking your baked beans, they commonly just want to be heated up and you may do this in 2 mins in a microwave or in a small pan at the stove. we adore to serve them in a little pot so that they do now not sprea
  7. while your sausages and black pudding are prepared, collect all the components on their final plates for serving. Plates ought to be big sufficient to hold all the substances of a complete English breakfast effectively with out everything feeling cramped.
  8. Serve the breakfast with plenty of fresh tea and espresso, collectively with a glass of fresh orange juice, its additionally first-class to serve a glass of water with breakfast too.
  9. make certain there is a selection of jam, butter and marmalade for the toast at the table, as well as salt, pepper, tomato sauce and HP Brown sauce if you could get it.
  10. revel in your breakfast! after all of that education you have earned it and that is the factor wherein the newspapers are fed on, they may be great when no one has read them earlier than you.

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