Coconut Milk Sticky Rice with Mangoes

Coconut Milk Sticky Rice with Mangoes

Many humans first encounter sticky rice in this traditional Thai-Lao candy. maximum are astonished and delighted and right away want to understand a way to make it at home. The recipe is very simple.

As with most of the chocolates in Southeast Asia, you can consume Coconut Milk Sticky Rice as a snack or serve it as dessert.

Coconut Milk Sticky Rice with Mangoes

  • 3/4 cup palm sugar, or substitute brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 4 ripe mangoes, or substitute sliced ripe peaches or papayas
  • 3 cups sticky rice, soaked overnight in water or thin coconut milk and drained
  • 2 cups canned or fresh coconut milk

Optioal Garnish:
  • Mint or Asian basil sprigs

  1. Steam the sticky rice until tender (see Editor's Notes, underneath).
  2. meanwhile, vicinity the coconut milk in a heavy pot and heat over medium warmness until warm. Do now not boil. add the sugar and salt and stir to dissolve completely.
  3. when the sticky rice is soft, flip it out into a bowl and pour 1 cup of the new coconut milk over; reserve the relaxation. Stir to mix the liquid into the rice, then allow stand for 20 minutes to an hour to permit the flavors to mixture.
  4. meanwhile, peel the mangoes. The mango pit is flat and you want to slice the mango flesh off the pit as cleanly as viable. one by one, lay the mangoes on a slim facet on a cutting board and slice lengthwise approximately half inch from the center — your knife have to cut simply alongside the flat aspect of the pit; if it moves the pit, shift over a fraction of an inch more until you can slice downward. Repeat on the alternative facet of the pit, providing you with  hemispherical portions of mango. (The prepare dinner gets to snack on the stray bits of mango still clinging to the pit.) Lay every mango half flat and slice thinly crosswise.
  5. To serve individually, location an oval mound of sticky rice on each dessert plate and vicinity a sliced half-mango decoratively beside it. pinnacle with a sprig of mint or basil if you want. Or, vicinity the mango slices on a platter and pass it round, collectively with a serving bowl containing the rice, permitting visitors to serve themselves. Stir the ultimate sweetened coconut milk thoroughly, transfer to a small serving bowl or cruet, and bypass it one at a time, with a spoon, so visitors can spoon on greater as they desire.

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