3 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Cookie Recipe (the perfect guilt-free snack!) #healthysnack #healthydessert

3 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Cookie Recipe (the perfect guilt-free snack!) #healthysnack #healthydessert

I've been making banana oat treats for some time now, truth be told, I've attempted pretty much every discretionary blend in you can picture with this basic treat formula: white chocolate cranberry, cinnamon raisin, chocolate walnut, raspberry vanilla, and so on! My family eats them a ton for breakfast.

The base of these treats is extremely basic, just bananas and oats. Modify exactly as you would prefer after that.

In any case, a few days ago I got to considering. I make this great chocolate banana smoothie for my little girl (solidified bananas, cacao powder, greek yogurt, flax-feast and almond milk), and it hit me. Imagine a scenario in which I fuse cacao powder into the banana treats and make them SUPER chocolatey. How might I be able to potentially turn out badly?

All things considered, they turned out astonishing! I would suggest including other blend ins of your decision (like chocolate chips or nuts for included flavor and surface), yet even only these 3 fixings alone are shockingly delish. They unquestionably hit the spot when I'm wanting something sweet!


3 Ingredient Healthy Chocolate Cookie Recipe (the perfect guilt-free snack!) #healthysnack #healthydessert


  • 2 very ripe large bananas
  • 1 cup of quick oats (look for gluten-free oats if you have an allergy– some oats are contaminated with small traces of wheat)
  • 2 small tbsp of unsweetened cacao
  • Optional mix-ins of your choice (chocolate chips, cacao nibs, chopped nuts, raisins, coconut flakes, flax seed, vanilla, diced raspberries, dried cranberries, etc.)


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and line a baking sheet with non-stick foil or parchment paper.
  2. Mash 2 ripe bananas in a bowl, and then mix in up to 2 tbsp of unsweetened cacao powder and 1 cup of quick oats until a cookiedough-like batter is formed (the amount of oats you need depends on the size of your bananas, so start with 3/4 of a cup and add more as needed). The mixture will seem dry at first, but after a few minutes of mixing with a spoon it will turn into a nice consistency.
  3. Fold in any mix-ins you plan on adding to the batter (I added a large handful of chocolate chips).
  4. Place about 15 clumps of your cookie dough mixture evenly on your baking sheet. Flatten and mold them with your hands to form “cookie” shapes (these cookies will not flatten or change shape with baking).
  5. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Enjoy!! Like most cookies, these are best when served warm, right out of the oven, but you can also store them in a tupperware container or ziplock bag for later.

For more detail : bit.ly/2GEPpqP


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