Layered Rainbow Frozen Drink

Layered Rainbow Frozen Drink

I'm somewhat fixated on the rainbow solidified beverage. Makes me wanna chill with Care Bears and My Little Ponies throughout the day. On the off chance that I incorporate the alcohol in this mammoth beverage, it won't be long until my expectations progressed toward becoming rainbow pipedreams. Obviously this solidified beverage is finished with treats and sprinkles aplenty. Since nourishment pornography, individuals. Need to make this for children? Simply forget the alcohol! Overly simple.


- Work immediately while layering popsicles. In the event that they dissolve, and structure any fluid, they won't layer well.

– Leave glass in cooler however much as could reasonably be expected. Possibly expel when fundamental.

- It's useful to solidify the rainbow solidified beverage so it is excessively firm, at that point directly before serving, let it take a seat to liquefy for drinking.


Layered Rainbow Frozen Drink


  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Corn Syrup
  • BudgetSaver popsicles
  • Optional: rum or vodka
  • Candy


  1. For my rainbow colors, I picked up a bag of two varieties of BudgetSaver popsicles. To find the closest store that carries them, click here. I selected the original assorted twin pops bag, and the tropic twin pops bag.
  2. Begin by picking out a large glass. I used an 18-ounce size. Pour clear corn syrup into a dish with edges. Pour rainbow sprinkles into a bowl. Line a piece of parchment paper on a plate and place in freezer. Dip the rim of your glass into corn syrup. Allow excess corn syrup to drip off then dip into sprinkles. Place on parchment paper-lined plate in freezer and allow to set firmly.
  3. Once sprinkle rim is frozen on, create your rainbow layers. For each layer, I used about 2 popsicles (for the bottom blue layer and top pink layer I used 3 popsicles instead). Once you remove popsicles from freezer, work quickly to prevent melting.
  4. Cut popsicles off of popsicle sticks and drop into blender. Add about 1 ounce of liquid. If you want al alcohol drink, water works. If you want alcoholic, mix a little liquor with the water into an ounce. Keep in mind when deciding alcohol ratio, that there will be an ounce of liquid for each layer.
  5. Blend popsicles and liquid. It should still look fairly dry. Scoop into glass so that it is even across bottom. Leave glass in freezer.
  6. Continue with each color. I used blue, green, yellow, orange, then pink piled on top. I made sure the drink layers were a little too frozen so that next layer would sit on top.
  7. If you want a rainbow, cut rainbow Twizzlers to shorten them. I then blended white popsicles from the tropic twin pops bag. Spoon two white piles on each side on top of the pink layer. Allow to freeze a little so that when you stick Twizzlers in, they stay upright. Freeze to set in place. Add a pike of mixed rainbow candy in front of rainbow.

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